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Here is a complete and up-to-date Index to the historical material that has appeared over the years in Popular Communications magazine, from the first issue in September 1982 through the last in December 2013 (a few missing issues excepted). We have also begun indexing PopComm's successor publication, CQ Plus, which is an electronic supplement to CQ magazine that commenced publication in February 2014.  PopComm has covered a wide range of interesting historical topics, often focusing on broadcast band stations, especially in recent years. This Index has been updated a couple of times, and includes all historical "standalone" articles that have appeared in PopComm, plus the many shorter pieces that appeared in the "Alice Brannigan" (1984-2000) and "Shannon's Broadcast Classics" (since 2002) columns. These short pieces have been indexed individually, and so the Index serves as a window into the entire historical content of PopComm.

The Index is provided as an Excel spreadsheet. Entries are categorized by topic and general category, and the year and month, page number and length of the article are given. The relevant country is shown for items not focused on the U.S.

PopComm Index - Excel File (.xls)