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Recently I was fortunate to find an Applause Card from Uruguay dated 1926, and I am sending along pictures of the front and back. It shows family members listening to concerts, speeches, and dance music; a Radiotron UX 201A tube is shown, and down toward the right is an RCA logo. The title below the image is "RADIOTRON-EL ALMA DE LA RADIO" ("Radiotron--the Heart of the Radio"). It is a card printed in Buenos Aires, Argentina by General Electric, and delivered as a gift "obsequio." The pre-printed text on the back reads: "A member of your invisible auditorium sends you a warm applause for your performance of . . . transmitted by means of the Station . . . day . . . at . . . hours." This particular card was sent to a ham radio station 2AD belonging to Hector Rodriguez Subios by a somewhat anonymous person, or at least known only to the recipient, using the name "Fel & Ciano [two brothers] Viera." "Feliciano Viera" was a politician of that time who appears here as "Candidato" ("Candidate"). The indicated performer (Tina Martinez Hernandez) doesn't mean anything to me. However, it seems strange that it was transmitted by another ham station, 1AD (which belonged to A. Marroche Paronie, according to a 1927 Radio [Ham] Guide I have a copy of). Maybe it was a joke between them. Surely ham radio station's also broadcast music in these latitudes too. But the card shows that "applause cards" were in common use here as well as in the U.S., and that sponsors were the same--radio manufacturers and dealers. (Horacio A. Nigro, Uruguay)