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XMHD, Shanghai, China - Here is a record that was apparently used as a promotional item for a station in Shanghai, China, XMHD, the China Christian Broadcasting Association. It has hymns on both sides, and at the end of the Side B is a request for funds. There is no date on this 78 rpm record, but it must have been from the latter part of the 78 rpm era because it is made of vinyl rather than shellac. Does anyone have additional information on XMHD? Was it shortwave? There was an XMHA in Shanghai, and I believe an XMHC as well.

Side A - The Old Rugged Cross [3:13]

Side A (beginning): "This is your friend Phillip Lee playing for you 'The Old Rugged Cross.' I'm going to sing the first stanza in English, then the middle in Chinese."


Side B - Just For Today [3:13]

Side B (end): "This record is not for sale, but it's a present to anyone who contributes $3 or more to the China Christian Broadcasting Association for the erection of new radio stations in China for spreading of the gospel message of Jesus Christ Our Lord. If you or your friends desiring copies of this record or recordings of other hymns or literature concerning our radio work in China, you may write to us care of the address on the label. This is Phillip Lee, Secretary and Program Director of China Christian Broadcasting Association."