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Radio Wheels - Here are some photos of several radio "wheels" that were used as aids in tuning. The Hallicrafters wheel is simply a means of telling what time it is in other places. You set the pointer for your location to point to your local time and then you can read the time in other places around the wheel. The Lines & Fitzpatrick wheel is similar; then you turn it over and find a list of stations arranged by frequency. The Crosley wheel is fairly ingenious. You set the arm over the station you want to hear and the lines under the station name then correspond to the EST and the days of the week when the station broadcasts. Stations are listed alphabetically by country on the back. "Like the magic carpet of fairy-tale lore, the new Crosley American-Foreign and All-Wave Radios are carrying radio adventures into lands far-flung over the face of the globe. . . ."

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Lines & Fitzpatrick