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Windward Islands Broadcasting Service - Revisiting a station of the past and its successors, Radio Free Grenada and Radio Grenada.

  • WIBS 1960 [1:25] - The first recording is of the WIBS closing the "Four Cornered Rhythm" program, recorded circa 1960, probably on their most widely heard channel back then, 5010 kHz, 5 kw.
  • WIBS 1971 [0:21] - Then there is a 1971 recording of their interval signal from Ed Shaw.
  • Radio Grenada 1976 [3:38] - By 1976 they were known as R. Grenada; the third recording was made on February 21 of that year on 15105 kHz at 2125 UTC as they closed their broadcast to the U.K. (There is a great song, "Love Our Nation," on this recording.)
  • Radio Free Grenada 1979 [6:05] - The 1979 recording consists of three clips made on 15105 and 15370 kHz in March and April, by which time they were known as "Radio Free Grenada, the Voice of the Revolution."
  • Radio Grenada 1985 [3:00] - The last recording was made on January 13, 1985 at 1000 UTC as they opened transmission on their medium wave channel, 535 kHz. By then they were "Radio Grenada" again, although off SW (an early victim of the October 1983 invasion). Note the "new" interval signal in 1985.

I have also included two QSLs from this station.

  • WIBS QSL Card - The WIBS QSL is from Jan Tuner, Sweden (via CPRV), and represents the "classic" WIBS QSL that was used, in slightly different formats, for many years, from at least the 1950s into the 1970s.
  • Radio Grenada QSL Letter - The second is a letter from the station to JB in 1987.

"Memories . . ."


(All recordings by Jerry Berg except 1971 [Ed Shaw])