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Unsolicited comments from readers . . .

"Few of us can imagine the amount of hard work and research that goes into an effort like this, so on behalf of all shortwave listeners - past, present, active and inactive – thanks for what you have produced, not only here, but with the other three volumes as well!"

"Congratulations to Jerry Berg on writing excellent history! Research and discipline are the attributes of well-written history and are evident in Jerry's books."

"Your other books are treasures, which I have re-read several times. I am really looking forward to this new one."

"I've said it many times to many people: You're the only one that could've put these books together."

"It is so interestingly written, and so accurate in all of its remarkable detail."

"Your writings in the four books are superb and a very valuable compilation of important shortwave history."

"I wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying The Early Shortwave Stations. I'm amazed that you can keep this much information collated and still make it fun reading. The QSLs seem to make the stations and era all the more real. It's great stuff, Jerry."

"It is really impressive--how much information you have been able to collect from the years 1923 till 1945 and sort it all year by year."

"The Early Shortwave Stations is, like its predecessors, simply marvelous. I think the four-volume series is likely to remain the last word on the history of shortwave radio broadcasters and those who listened to them."

"I am at present studying your latest book. It is fantastic!"

"It was a blast reading the book."