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Unsolicited comments from readers . . .

"I have read and enjoyed your new books. Great work!"

"I knew that they would be good, but I find that you did a helluva job on these books. The range of detail is wonderful, and your thorough citation of everything is immaculate. I am learning things that I did not know. . . . So, I look forward to other items that will broaden my knowledge of DX history. Congratulations on a truly outstanding job."

"Just dropping a short note to say how much I am enjoying your two books, 'Listening/Broadcasting on Shortwave.' They have just arrived from Amazon yesterday and have made fascinating reading! I haven't been able to put them down yet! These books are wonderful pieces of research, detailed in every way, and with a skillful writing style that is easy to read but loaded with interesting facts (some I had forgotten, and many new tidbits of information have been discovered too). The books have brought back many memories of wonderful, long hours spent cruising the dials and participating in DX club activities. Much of my life (particularly the period 1965 to 1990) has been deeply devoted to DXing. Reading the 'Listening' book is like revisiting it all again. . . . Congratulations, Jerry, on a mighty effort!"

"I just recently purchased your companion books . . . and wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying them. While I haven't finished them yet, they bring back a lot of memories and I can see myself in some of the stories you recount. I've been a SWL and DXer since 1969 and through the years shortwave has always been a passion for me, even when I didn't have much time to devote to it. . . . Thanks for taking the time to compile all the data and publish these great works. This is wonderful stuff."

"Your book is extremely comprehensive. You must have done an enormous amount of research . . . ."

"I've been unable to put down your two new books, Jerry. The level of research and detail is incredible and a major contribution to knowledge about shortwave radio. Thanks for bringing the DX hobbyist into the world of professional media commentary in such a strong fashion." - "I'm still in wonderment at the detail you've 'processed' to give such a broad, sweeping overview of shortwave radio, keep it thoroughly readable, entertaining and still produce a reference that should be standard reading for all media courses everywhere to give tomorrow's media people a good grounding in where their global industry has come from."

"I have been tremendously enjoying the "Broadcasting" book, and even beyond the nostalgic aspect, have been suprised at how long some stations have been on the air, and that many aspects of shortwave broadcasting never really change, especially the come-and-go nature of many stations."

"I received my copy of your latest book from Amazon. What a work of dedication . . ! I think it is fantastic . . . ."

"Just a quick note to say thank you for the amazing amount of work/care/love/detail you've put into your books."

"What a massive project you have completed, which I feel sure will be invaluable for the forseeable future for all those interested in the subject."

"Congratulations with your excellent books which describe the history of shortwave broadcasting and listening in a unique way!"

"Wow! What a wonderful record you have created for the hobby of SWBC listening and DXing! I hope you feel an immense sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I SO appreciate what you have done! For me you have filled in the gaps. My SWBC DXing has always been an on/off affair since my humble start in '58. I thrill to read what was going on in the clubs and on-the-air when I was not listening. Thank you for your devotion and labor. I treasure your three volumes and will peruse them often."

"It didn't take long for me to appreciate the astounding amount of research (a better word might be scholarship) that you poured into it. Truly a labor of love, no doubt both in equal measures. Surely no one could ever equal or surpass your outstanding efforts. Kudos in the highest!"

"There'll be many hours of good reading and a permanent place on the hobby reference shelf. Good work, Jerry."

"The first two chapters--fantastic! The club chapter is outstanding. Thanks so much for all the hard work you did to document the hobby before it passes out of memory. I see some very enjoyable reading time ahead."

"I have my mug of coffee and have started reading Jerry's Listening on the Shortwaves. This book is fantastic. I would not have had the patience to pull all this material together. They are bringing back tons of memories!"

"Bought Jerry's comprehensive, well written and well documented tome this week. Enjoying the read. Congratulations!"

"I was able to read both your books in less than a week--superbly done and obviously both of great interest. The amount of detail in both books is awesome, and they literally brought back a lifetime of memories--thank you for that. The only downside was that the memories are just that . . . memories, and not today's reality. However, one could not expect the good things in our lives to last forever, and certainly this wonderful hobby is no exception as technology and the world move onwards into the future. But few hobbies have been so well documented as you have done with your three volumes. I'm sure all of us in the hobby, both old-timers and newbies, will benefit from this historical perspective, and we are truly indebted to the effort you put into this. Thanks and congratulations."

"Amazing! You have captured DXing in all its aspects. Again, congratulations!"

"Wow, looks like a college textbook! Good work, Jerry."

"[T]his is impressive scholarship. You have done what all good historians need to do -- gather a great mass of information, organize it, ponder its meaning(s), and then tell a coherent story. You have done this with determination, energy, and elegance. What you have accomplished has my real respect and enduring admiration."

"What a phenomenal project you have accomplished. Absolutely fabulous. Your leadership in the international radio world, your work with CPRV, and the writing of your three books is worth a doctoral degree. Your three books should be in the communication library of every college and university throughout the world."

"Today I received two books from Amazon.com. I am really surprised by its volume, as well as its contents, full of information and attractive QSLs. I'm sure the books will entertain me for a long time. I do appreciate your endeavour to have compiled such great books."

"Overall, the book ["Listening"] is amazing. You did a great job. I'll be re-reading this book many times in the future. I 'm so glad you wrote it because I'm not sure anyone else can (or would). Yay!"

"This is amazing stuff, and you are to be congratulated for compiling and writing all of this material."