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Charles A. Morrison and Radio Guide & Movie-Radio Guide
Charles A. Morrison is well known for his leadership of the International DXers Alliance, a club which operated from 1932 to 1943. Less well known is that from 1935 to 1943 (the year the magazine closed) he also had a shortwave column in a popular newstand radio magazine titled Radio Guide (renamed Movie and Radio Guide in February 1940, Movie-Radio Guide eight months later).  Radio Guide had offered some limited DX coverage, both shortwave and broadcast band, at least as far back as 1932 (and perhaps even 1931, its founding year), but Morrison focused on shortwave. Most issues of the magazine are posted online at AmericanRadioHistory.com or at Old Time Radio Researchers Group. In this new section we have extracted the shortwave and other DX columns from those issues and assembled them into annual compilations for the years 1932 to 1943. Thanks to David Gleason of AmericanRadioHistory.com and Jim Beshires of the Old Time Radio Researchers Group for permission to use their magazines in this way.

1932 Radio Guide

1933 Radio Guide

1934 Radio Guide

1935 Radio Guide

1936 Radio Guide

1937 Radio Guide

1938 Radio Guide

1939 Radio Guide

1940 Radio Guide

1941 Movie-Radio Guide

1942 Movie-Radio Guide

1943 Movie-Radio Guide