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Membership Cards & Certificates - In the 1950s and 1960s, when radio clubs flourished, members would often receive cards or certificates upon joining. In some cases, cards were issued annually as each member renewed. Radio magazines of the day with shortwave columns also sent cards or certificates to listeners who provided loggings for publication.

Here is an assortment of membership cards and certificates issued to the late California DXer, Bill Flynn, who passed away in November 2002.

  • Newark News Radio Club (NNRC) - Here is a membership card issued in 1953 and signed by Walter Townley, Treasurer.
  • National Radio Club (NRC) - The NRC began in 1933 as a club for standard AM (broadcast band) DXers. This card is from 1957 when the club was operating from Buffalo, NY. It is signed by Harold Wagner, Treasurer.
  • Universal Radio DX Club (URDXC) - This membership card was issued in 1955 and signed by Charles Norton, President.
  • Heureka DX-club - Scandinavian DX clubs gained prominence in the 1950s. Here is a membership card issued in 1956 from a Norwegian radio club.
  • International Short Wave League (ISWL) - A membership certificate issued in 1956 from this popular British radio club.
  • North American Shortwave Association (NASWA) - In the 1960s, NASWA issued membership certificates upon joining then gold embossed seals were provided with each renewal. These certificates were signed by NASWA Executive Officer and guiding light, William Eddings.
  • American Shortwave Listeners Club (ASWLC) - Here is a membership certificate from 1967 signed by C.M. Stanbury who also edited the monthly shortwave column in "Electronics Illustrated" magazine.
  • New Zealand DX Radio Association - This attractive certificate was issued to NZRDXA members in 1956.
  • Radio & Television News - Ken Boord was editor of the shortwave column for this magazine in the 1950s. Contributors to his column received this certificate and sometimes an autographed photo of Boord (the cover of the June 1953 issue). Note the inscription at the upper right.
  • Popular Electronics - Hank Bennett's long-running monthly shortwave column in "Popular Electronics" was popular with listeners. For a time, contributors received this card signed by Bennett. This one is from 1957.