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The Hammarlund Short-Wave Manual was a pamphlet-style publication of Hammarlund Manufacturing Co., one of the great receiver manufacturers of the late 1920s to the 1960s. The earliest edition we have seen is from 1929, the last is an undated edition that was probably issued in 1940. For many years Hammarlund mainly sold parts rather than complete receivers, so the manuals show various home-built receiver designs, and specify the Hammarlund parts to be used, together with the parts of other companies. There are also introductions to shortwave.

1929 Hammarlund Short-Wave Manual - This edition contains an introduction to the shortwaves, how they work, how shortwave receivers work, and various technical issues associated with shortwave receiver design. There is also mention of television, which in its early days was considered a branch of shortwave, along with a table of the early shortwave stations, a world time chart, a frequency-wavelength conversion chart, plans for shortwave receivers and converters (and an ad for a converter kit), and a rundown of Hammarlund "short wave apparatus" (parts).

1935 Hammarlund Short Wave Manual - It appears that this is the first Hammarlund Short Wave Manual published after the 1929 edition. It contains an extensive, illustrated introduction to shortwave, plus directions for building various receivers and accessories. It also contains a centerfold picturing variious Hammarlund parts.

1936 Hammarlund Short Wave Manual, 3d edition - The introduction is the same as in the 1935 ed., as is most of the receiver content and the parts illustrations.  But there are some differences.

1937 Hammarlund Short Wave Manual, 3d edition - Except for the cover and the title page, the contents of this Lindsay Publications reprint of the 1937 manual (which is also denominated "3d ed.," as is the 1936 manual) is the same as the 1936 edition.

1938 Hammarlund Short Wave Manual, 4th ed. - Save for the "Radio Amateur's Handbook 3-Tube Bandspread A.C. Set," which also apeared in the 1935, 1936 and 1937 eds. of the manual, the receiver construction projects in this edition are new--a one-tube battery set, a metal-tube receiver, and a preselector, a shortwave converter and a receiver power supply. This edition also expands into transmitters, with construction plans for a beginner's transmitter, two amplifiers, a transmitter power supply, and a 5 meter transmitter and receiver. There is also a revised introduction to shortwave, a shortwave station list, and a new parts centerfold.

1939 Hammarlund Short Wave Manual, 5th ed. - A "1-2 S.W. Receiver" article replaces the "One Tube Battery Set for Beginner" article, but otherwise the 1939 ed. is the same as the 1938 ed.

Hammarlund Short Wave Manual, 6th ed., probably 1940 - The introduction focuses on amateur radio rather than shortwave generally, and for the first time Hammarlund readymade receivers are shown--the HQ-120X and the "Super Pro."  The "Metal Tube Two" receiver, and preselector and  receiver power supply construction projects are carried over from the 1938 and 1939 eds., but the rest are new--the "QST 2-Tube Superhet," a 3-tube regenerative set, one-tube and two-tube transmitters, pre-built VFO, modulator, transmitter power supplies, and antenna tuner.  Some parts in the parts centerfold are new.  There is no date on this edition, but it was probably issued in 1940., and it is believed to be the last of the Hammarlund Shortwave Manual series.