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 "The Amazing World of Short Wave Listening"
Surely there is no company that produced more receivers for shortwave listeners and amateurs than Hallicrafters. Hallicrafters was the first to mass produce quality shortwave receivers at reasonable prices. Over the years, countless models were produced bearing wonderful names that captured the excitement of the medium--Skyrider, Sky Courier, Sky Challenger, Sky Ranger. In 1959, the Hallicrafters Company produced a 14-minute, 45 rpm promotional record called "The Amazing World of Short Wave Listening." Narrated by noted "Man on the Go" journalist Alex Dreier, the record promotes shortwave listening, and features recordings of WWV, amateur radio operators, marine band transmissions, the capture of criminals by the police, various languages, the shootdown of an American plane over Armenia, and other events. Copies of the record are often available on eBay. Although ordinary SWLs were unlikely to catch such events on-air, the record recalls memories of how shortwave was viewed many years ago. (Jerry Berg)

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