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Radio Free America - Larry Magne, Editor-in-Chief of Passport to World Band Radio, has passed along a press report that Dr. Carl McIntire, the fiery radio fundamentalist-evangelist, died on March 22, 2002 in Voorhees, NJ. He was 95. His daily broadcasts were heard over 600 stations until the early 1970s when the stations ran afoul of the FCC's fairness doctrine. SWLs from that era will remember Dr. McIntire as the father of Radio Free America, an early "pirate" that broadcast briefly over 1160 kHz. from a former mine sweeper off the New Jersey coast. It went on the air on September 19, 1973, and, courtesy of Larry, here is a recording of their very first transmission, at 1623 UTC.

Radio Free America, 1160 kHz, September 19, 1973, 1623 UTC. [3:26]