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Dave Thomas at the dials of his vintage 1936-37 Sargent Model 21, 12-tube, general coverage receiver.

As time passes and technology advances, it becomes increasingly difficult to fully appreciate how different things were in broadcasting's infancy. It was a time of experimentation, both by station and listener. It was also the “first golden age” of long-distance listening, when the early “etheric obsessives,” as radio historian Susan Douglas called them, discovered the thrill of listening to as many of these new faraway voices as they could, thus giving birth to DXing.

The uniqueness of those years makes looking back at the activities of a DX pioneer like Dave Thomas of Proctorville, Ohio all the more a treat. Dave was born in 1909, and started listening in 1924. His first receiver was an Atwater Kent Model 10. He listened for almost his entire life of 74 years, first from Ohio, and later from Florida, as well as on various trips abroad. He was an “allwave” DXer, listening on both mediumwave and shortwave, with a focus on broadcasting stations. He had an interest in eclipses and other phenomena of propagation, and also equipment. He was an inveterate correspondent, amassing a large collection of verifications. Thanks to the generosity his son, Paul Thomas, and a prodigious scanning effort by John Herkimer, we are able to present here some of the most interesting of Dave Thomas’s QSLs. Some are simple, some are decorative, but all echo a different time in radio’s history.

At the bottom of this page are a number of receiver brochures collected by Dave Thomas during the 1920s and 1930s.

Broadcast Band QSLs | Cuban QSLs | Mexican QSLs | Shortwave QSLs | Early Receiver Literature

Below are Dave Thomas’s U.S. and Canadian QSLs dating from the 1920s (we have added a few from later years that caught our eye). There is a PDF file for each of 39 states, plus the District of Columbia and Canada. These QSLs evidence the wide variety of station ownership in those days: newspapers, schools and universities, companies of all kinds, chambers of commerce, churches, etc. Most of the replies to Dave’s reports are QSLs in the traditional sense, but there are also thank you’s, plus various station promotional items. Both the fronts and backs of the QSLs are shown, followed by the envelope if it was present. The QSLs appear in the PDFs in the order shown below. (Italicized items are from years after 1929.)

CFCA, Toronto, ON, 1925
CFCF, Montreal, QC, 1925
CFRB, Toronto, ON, 1929
CHIC, Toronto, ON, 1925
CHNC, Toronto, ON, 1924
CHRC, Quebec, QC, 1932
CKAC, Montreal, QC, 1924
CKCH, Ottawa, ON, 1924
CKCL, Toronto, ON, 1925
CKNC, Toronto, ON, 1925
CKOC, Hamilton, ON, 1926
CNRA, Moncton, NB, 1925
CNRO, Ottawa, ON, 1924

WBRC, Birmingham, 1929
WMAV, Auburn, 1924

KFMQ, Fayetteville, 1924
KGHI, Little Rock, 1929
KTHS, Hot Springs National Park, 1925

KFRC, San Francisco, 1926
KFSD, San Diego, 1929
KFVD, San Pedro 1927
KFWB, Los Angeles, 1926
KGO, Oakland, 1925
KHJ, Los Angeles, 1929
KLS-6XAM, Oakland, 1925
KLX, Oakland, 1933
KNRC-KTM, Los Angeles-Santa Monica, 1929
KNX, Los Angeles, 1925
KNX, Los Angeles, 1929
KPO, San Francisco, 1925
KPSN, Pasadena, 1926

KFEL, Denver, 1924
KFXF, Colorado Springs, 1926
KLZ-9ZAF, Denver, 1927
KOA, Denver, 1925
KOA, Denver, 1925
KOA, Denver, 1926

WDRC-WPAJ, New Haven, 1927
WTIC, Hartford, 1925
WTIC, Hartford, 1925 (verification stamp)
WTIC, Hartford, 1929

District of Columbia
WMAL, Washington, D.C., 1929
WRC, Washington, D.C., 1924

WDBO, Orlando, 1928
WGHB, Clearwater, 1925
WGTO, Cypress Gardens, 1958
WIOD, Miami Beach, 1926
WIOD, Miami Beach, 1928
WJAX, Jacksonville, 1925
WMBF, Miami Beach, 1925
WSUN, St. Petersburg, 1928

WBBF, Atlanta, 1924
WGAU, Athens, 1939
WGOV, Valdosta, 1948
WMAZ, Macon, 1924
WSB, Atlanta, 1924
WSB, Atlanta, 1926
WTOC, Savannah, 1929

WBBM, Chicago, 1925
WBCN, Chicago, 1924
WBCN, Chicago, 1926
WCBD, Zion, 1924
WCBD, Zion, 1925
WCEE, Elgin, 1925
WCFL, Chicago, 1942
WDBY, Chicago, 1924
WEBH, Chicago, 1924
WENR, Chicago, 1925
WGES, Chicago, 1925
WHBF, Rock Island, 1927
WHBM, East St. Louis, 1927
WHT, Chicago, 1925
WIBD, Chicago, 1925
WJAZ, Chicago, 1925
WJBC, Bloomington, 1939
WJBL, Decatur, 1925
WJBT, Chicago, 1928
WJJD, Mooseheart, 1924
WLS, Chicago, 1924
WLS, Chicago, 1925
WMAQ, Chicago, 1925
WMBB, Chicago, 1925
WMBB, Chicago, 1927
WMBD, Peoria, 1929
WOK, Chicago, 1925
WORD, Chicago, 1925
WRM, Urbana, 1925
WSBC, Chicago, 1925
WTAS, Elgin, 1924
WTAY, Oak Park, 1924
WWAE, Joliet, 1924

WBAA-9XE, Lafayette, 1925
WFBM, Indianapolis, 1925
WGAZ, South Bend, 1925
WGBF, Evansville, 1928
WHBU, Anderson, 1930
WJAK, Greentown, 1925
WJKS, Gary, 1929
WOWO, Fort Wayne, 1927
WRBC, Valparaiso, 1925
WRBC, Valparaiso, 1925

KFFV, Lamont, 1925
KFLZ, Atlantic, 1925
KFNF, Shenandoah, 1924
KMA, Shenandoah, 1925
KOIL, Council Bluffs, 1925
KSO, Clarinda, 1925
KTNT, Muscatine
KWCR, Cedar Rapids
WEAU, Sioux City, 1924
WHAA, Iowa City, 1924
WHO, Des Moines, 1925
WIAS, Burlington, 1925
WIAS, Burlington, 1925
WJAM, Cedar Rapids, 1925
WOC, Davenport, 1935
WOI, Ames, 1924
WSUI, Iowa City, 1931

KFH, Wichita, 1926
KFKB, Milford, 1924
KFKB, Milford
KFKU, Lawrence, 1925
WIBW, Topeka, 1940

WFIW, Hopkinsville, 1928
WHAS, Louisville, 1925

KWKH, Shreveport, 1925
WGAQ, Shreveport, 1924
WJBO, Baton Rouge, 1944
WSMB, New Orleans, 1925
WWL, New Orleans, 1925

WAGM, Presque Isle, 1932
WGHM, Skowhegan, 1961

WBAL, Baltimore, 1926
WFBR, Baltimore, 1928
WFMD, Frederick, 1935

WBZ, Springfield, 1924
WDBR, Boston, 1924
WEEI, Boston, 1924
WGI, West Somerville, 1924
WTAB, Fall River, 1924
WTAB, Fall River, 1925
WTAG, Worcester, 1925

KFGZ, Berrien Springs, 1924
KOP, Detroit, 1924
WAFD, Port Huron, 1925
WBDC, Grand Rapids, 1925
WCX, Detroit, 1925
WEBK, Grand Rapids, 1925
WEMC, Berrien Springs, 1925
WGHP, Detroit, 1925
WKAR, East Lansing, 1925
WRAX, Escanaba, 1925
WREO, Lansing, 1924
WREO, Lansing, 1924
WSKC, Bay City, 1925
WTCM, Traverse City, 1941
WWI, Dearborn, 1925
WWJ, Detroit, 1925
WWJ, Detroit, 1925

KFMX, Northfield, 1925
KSTP, St. Paul, 1928
WCAL, Northfield, 1924
WCCO, Minneapolis, 1924
WEBC, Duluth, 1931

KFNG, Coldwater, 1924
KFNG, Coldwater, 1924

KFIX, Independence, 1924
KFQA, St. Louis, 1924
KFUO, St. Louis, 1925
KFWF, St. Louis, 1925
KGBX, St. Joseph, 1932
KLDS, Independence, 1925
KMBC, Kansas City, 1929
KMOX, St. Louis, 1925
WDAF, Kansas City, 1925
WEB, St. Louis, 1924
WIBM, Springfield, 1927
WIL, St. Louis, 1928
WMAY, St. Louis, 1924
WOQ, Kansas City, 1925
WOS, Jefferson City, 1924

KFAB, Lincoln, 1925
KFAB, Lincoln, 1925
KFKX, Hastings
KFKX, Hastings
KFKX, Hastings
KGKY, Scottsbluff, 1931
WAAW, Omaha, 1925
WOAW, Omaha, 1925

New Hampshire
WFBK, Hanover, 1925

New Jersey
WAAM, Newark, 1924
WBS, Newark, 1925
WEAM, Plainfield, 1925
WGCP, Newark, 1928
WHAR, Atlantic City, 1925
WNJ, Newark, 1928
WOAX, Trenton, 1925
WPG, Atlantic City, 1925
WRAX, Gloucester City, 1925

New Mexico
KGGM, Albuquerque, 1930
KICA, Clovis, 1944

New York
WAHG, Richmond Hill (L.I.), 1924
WBBR, Brooklyn, 1925
WCAD, Canton, 1924
WEAF, New York, 1924
WEBJ, New York, 1924
WFBH, New York, 1925
WFBL, Syracuse, 1924
WFBL, Syracuse, 1947
WGBS, New York, 1925
WGR, Buffalo
WGY, Schenectady, 1925
WHAM, Rochester, 1924
WHAP, New York, 1929
WHAZ, Troy, 1924
WHN, New York, 1924
WIBX, Utica, 1926
WJY, New York, 1925
WJZ, New York, 1924
WJZ, New York, 1925
WJZ-2XAR, New York, 1925
WLBX, Long Island City, 1928
WLTH, Brooklyn, 1929
WLWL, New York, 1925
WMAK, Lockport, 1925
WMCA-2XH, New York, 1925
WOCL, Jamestown, 1925
WRW-2XL, Tarrytown, 1924

North Carolina
WBT, Charlotte, 1925
WMMH, Marshall, 1961
WNRC, Greensboro, 1929
WRCS, Ahoskie, 1956
WWNC, Asheville, 1929

WADC, Akron, 1926
WAIU, Columbus, 1925
WAIU, Columbus, 1926
WBAV, Columbus, 1924
WBAV, Columbus, 1925
WBLY, Springfield, 1958
WCAH, Columbus, 1929
WEAO, Columbus, 1924
WEAO, Columbus, 1925
WEAR, Cleveland, 1925
WEAR, Cleveland, 1925
WFBE, Cincinnati
WFJC, Akron, 1929
WHK, Cleveland, 1924
WJAX, Cleveland, 1924
WKRC, Cincinnati, 1925
WLOK, Lima, 1939
WMAN, Columbus, 1924
WMH, Cincinnati, 1924
WPAL, Columbus, 1924
WRAV, Yellow Springs, 1924
WSAI, Cincinnati, 1924
WSAI, Cincinnati, 1924
WSAZ, Pomeroy, 1925
WSMK, Dayton, 1925
WSPD, Toledo, 1929
WSRO, Hamilton, 1925
WTAM, Cleveland, 1924
WTAM, Cleveland, 1925

KFJF, Oklahoma City, 1925
KFJF, Oklahoma City, 1925
KFRU, Bristow, 1925
WKY, Oklahoma City, 1924
WNAD, Norman, 1925
WNAD, Norman, 1925

KOIN, Portland, 1931

KDKA, Pittsburgh, 1924
KDKA, Pittsburgh, 1925
KDKA, Pittsburgh, 1926
KQV, Pittsburgh, 1924
WBAK, Harrisburg, 1924
WCAE, Pittsburgh, 1925
WCAU, Philadelphia, 1924
WCAU, Philadelphia, 1925
WDAR, Philadelphia, 1924
WEDH, Erie, 1932
WFBG, Altoona, 1924
WFBG, Altoona, 1925
WFBG, Altoona, 1925
WFBG, Altoona, 1926
WFI, Philadelphia, 1925
WHBP, Johnstown, 1925
WHBP, Johnstown, 1925
WIAD, Philadelphia, 1924
WIP, Philadelphia, 1924
WJAS, Pittsburgh, 1924
WKBI, St. Marys, 1953
WKJC, Lancaster, 1931
WLBW, Oil City, 1928
WNAT, Philadelphia, 1924
WPAB, State College, 1924
WPEN, Philadelphia, 1929
WPME, Punxsutawney, 1953
WRAK, Williamsport, 1931
WRAW, Reading, 1931
WWAD, Philadelphia, 1924

Rhode Island
WDWF, Providence, 1925
WEAN, Providence
WJAR, Providence, 1924
WKBF, Providence, 1924

South Carolina
WIS, Columbia, 1930
WSAC, Clemmson College, 1924

WDAD, Nashville, 1927
WFBC, Knoxville, 1924
WLAC, Nashville, 1928
WLAC, Nashville, 1944
WNOX, Knoxville, 1930
WOAN, Lawrenceburg, 1925
WSM, Nashville, 1925
WTNT, Nashville, 1929

KFDM, Beaumont, 1925
KPRC, Houston, 1925
KRLD, Dallas, 1927
KSAT-KTAT, Fort Worth, 1929
WBAP, Fort Worth, 1925
WJAD, Waco, 1925
WOAI, San Antonio, 1925
WRR, Dallas, 1924

KDYL, Salt Lake City, 1931

WDBJ, Roanoke, 1929
WRVA, Richmond, 1925
WTAR, Norfolk, 1924

KHQ, Spokane, 1931
KTW, Seattle, 1925
KWSC, Pullman, 1931

West Virginia
WMMN, Fairmont, 1929
WOBU, Charleston, 1928
WWVA, Wheeling, 1928

KFIZ, Fond du Lac, 1924
WEBW, Beloit, 1924
WHAD, Milwaukee, 1925
WLBL, Stevens Point, 1925
WOMT, Manitowoc, 1928
WSOE, Milwaukee, 1925
WTAQ, Osseo, 1925
WTMJ, Milwaukee, 1928

CUBAN BROADCAST BAND QSLs, 1926-1955 (Italicized entries are QSLs for DX broadcasts of some kind.)


6KW, Tuinucu, 1926
CMC, Cuban Telephone Co., Havana, 1930
CMK, Cuban Broadcasting Corp., Havana, 1930
CMCY, M. D. Autran, Havana, 1931
CMHC, Frank H. Jones, Havana, 1931
CMQ, Havana, 1931
CMX, Casa Lavin, Havana, 1931
CMAF, Havana, 1932
CMBG, Estaciónes Radio Transmisoras, Havana, 1932
CMCD, Estación Popular Cubana, Havana, 1932
CMCF, Raoul Karman, Havana, 1932
CMCJ, Havana, 1932
CMCU, Havana, 1932
CMJK, La Voz de “El Camagüeyano,” Havana, 1933
CMGH, Matanzas, 1934
CMJP, La Voz de Morón, Morón, 1934
CMOX, Havana, 1934
CMPN, Cuban National Police Headquarters, Havana, 1934
CMBX, Havana, 1935
CMCD, La Voz del Aire, Havana, 1935
CMCG, “La Balear,” Havana, 1935
CMHI, Laviz & Paz, Santa Clara, 1935
CMHX, La Casa Radio Electrica, Cienfuegos, 1935
CMJO, La Voz de Ciego de Avila, Ciego de Avila, 1935
CMKC, Santiago de Cuba, 1935


CMCB, Happy Joe-Suaritos Radio Chain, Havana, 1936
CMHA, La Voz del Undoso, Sagua la Grande, 1936
CMBX, Alberto Alvarez, Havana, 1937
CMCJ, Club de Turismo de Cuba, Havana, 1937
CMCR, Perfumería Traviata, Havana, 1937
CMHJ, Cienfuegos, 1937
CMHJ, Cienfuegos, 1937

CMBF, Compañía Cubana de Radio y Televisión, Havana, 1938
CMBY, Havana, 1938
CMGE, Cárdenas, 1939
CMJW, Camaguey, 1939
CMKM, Manzanillo, 1939
CMBZ, Radio Salas, Havana, 1940
CMQ, Circuito CMQ, Havana, 1944
CMKY, Puerto Padre, 1946
CMHB, La Voz del Yayabo, Sancti-Spiritus, 1948

CMCB, Radio Reloj, Havana, 1951
WGBY, Armed Forces Radio Service, U.S. Naval Operating Base,
     Guantanamo Bay, 1952
CMW, Radio Reporter, Havana, 1954
CMKG, Radio Tunas, Victoria de las Tunas, 1955

MEXICAN BROADCAST BAND QSLs, 1931-1973 (Italicized entries are QSLs for DX broadcasts of some kind.)


XEQ, Eagle Radio Broadcasting Companies, Inc., El Paso, Texas, 1931
XEW, The Voice of Latin America, Mexicoi City, 1931
XEJ, La Voz de la Frontera, Cd. Juarez, 1932
XEAW, International Broadcasting Co., Reynosa, 1933
XEFO, Mexico City, 1933
XEFO, Radio Nacional, Mexico City [year unclear]
XEFV, Voice of the North, Cd. Juarez, 1933
XEAF, Compañia Radiodifusora Sonorense, Nogales, 1934
XEBC, The Agua Caliente Broadcasting Station, Tijuana, 1934
XEAC, The Agua Caliente Station, Tijuana [year unclear]
XECR, Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores, Mexico City, 1935
XEE, The Voice of Durango, Durango, 1935
XEFE, La Voz de la Frontera, Nuevo Laredo, 1935
XEFI, Chihuahua, 1935
XETH, La Voz de Puebla, Puebla, 1935
XFX, Secretaria de Educacion Pubica, Mexico City, 1935


XEAQ, Rosarito, 1936
XEFB, Monterrey, 1936
XEFW, La Voz de Tampico, Tampico, 1936
XEPN, La Voz del Hemisferio Occidental, Piedras Negras, 1936
XEPN, Piedras Negras [year unclear]
XEBK, La Voz Indolatina, Nuevo Laredo, 1937
XEP, La Voz Panamericana, Cd. Juarez, 1937
XETB, El Heraldo de Torreon, Torreon, 1937
XEU, El Eco de Sotavento, Veracruz, 1937
XEKL, Leon, 1938
XERB, Radiodifusora Internacional, Rosarito, 1938
XEFC, The Voice of Yucatan, Merida, 1939
XEAG, La Voz de Cordoba, Cordoba, 1940
XEBW, La Voz de la Industria y del Comercio, Chihuahua, 1940
XENT, Nuevo Laredo, 1940
XEZ, Merida, 1940
XEF, La Voz Latino Americana, Cd. Juarez, 1941
XEH, Monterrey, 1941
XEDF, Nuevo Laredo, 1944
XESM, Mexico City, 1944
XEX, Heraldo del Comercio, Monterrey, 1944
XEAW, Heraldo del Comercio, Monterrey, 1945
XEJP, Mexico City, 1945
XELZ, Mexico City, 1945
XERC, Radio Popular de Mexico, Mexico City, 1945


XEFI, El Pregonero del Estado de Chihuahua, Chihuahua, 1946
XEMO, Tijuana, 1946
XET, El Pregonero del Norte, Monterrey, 1946
XELO, Cd. Juarez, 1947
XERF, Villa Acuña, 1947
XEG, Monterrey, 1950
XEG, Monterrey [year unclear]
XERJ, Mazatlan, 1951
XEAA, Radio America, Mexicali, 1952
XEAA, Mexicali [year unclear]
XEDM, Radio Pacifico, Hermosillo, 1952
XEBH, El Heraldo de Sonora, Hermosillo, 1953
XEXO, Nuevo Laredo, 1953
XECL, Radio Mexicali, Mexicali, 1955
XEDF, El Pregonero del Bravo, Nuevo Laredo, 1955


XEBN, Radio Delicias, Cd. Delicias, 1956
XETM, Naco, 1956
XEAK, The Mighty 690, San Francisco, CA, 1957
XEHJ, Radio 760, Guadalajara, 1957
XEKF, Radiodifusora Independiente, Iguala, 1957
XELK, Radio Zacatecas, Zacatecas, 1957
XEN, Mexico City, 1957
XEPK, Pachuca, 1957
XEXQ, San Luis Potosi, 1961
XEYC, La Voz de Juarez, Cd. Juarez, 1962
XEPRS, Tijuana, 1973

Year and/or location uncertain

XED, Voice of Two Republics, International Broadcasting Co., Reynosa
XER, Villa Acuña Broadcasting Co., Inc., Villa Acuña, Mexico
XES, Difusora Porteña, Tampico

SELECTED SHORTWAVE BROADCAST QSLs et al. (plus, in italics, a few mediumwavers and utilities)

North America
W9XAM, Elgin National Watch Co., Elgin, IL, 1937 (utility)
WSBN, SS Leviathan, Radiomarine Corp. of America, postmarked Flushing, New York, 1930

Notes: W9XAM. Elgin manufactured watches in the United States from 1867 to 1968, so it is no surprise that at one time, in the mid-1930s, they operated a time signal station. Time signals were also broadcast from naval stations NAA in Arlington, Virginia, and NSS in Annapolis, Maryland. – SS Leviathan. A transmission from this ship on November 30, 1930 was billed at the time as the first program from a sea-going ship. Per the U.S. government station list of June 30, 1931, the call letters of the Leviathan’s radio were WSBN. For more on the “first broadcast,” see “SS Leviathan” at ontheshortwaves.com.

Central & South America and the Caribbean
HJ1ABB, La Voz de Barranquilla, Barranquilla, 1933
HJ1ABE, La Voz de “Los Laboratorios Fuentes,” Cartagena, Colombia, 1934
HJ4ABC, Ecos del Combeima, Ibague, Colombia, 1935
HJ4ABE, Medellin, Colombia, 1934
HKV, Bogota, Colombia (military station)
HKA, La Voz de Colombia, Barranquilla, Colombia, 1932
NRH, Heredia, Costa Rica, 1930
HUB, Direccion General de Comunicaciones Electricas, San Salvador, El Salvador, 1941
HRB, Voice of the Tropics, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 1931
VP2LO, Caribbean Broadcasting Service, St. Kitts, British West Indies, 1938

ZAA, Radio Tirana, Tirana, Albania, 1940
Radio Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France, 1934 (mediumwave)
Lopik Radio, Lopik, Netherlands, 1948 (mediumwave)

Research Laboratories for Electrical Communication of the Royal Hungarian Post, Budapest, Hungary, 1934
EIAR, 1RO-2RO, Rome, Italy, 1932
SPW-SP25-SP19-SPD-SPW, Polskie Radio Warsaw, Warsaw, 1938
CT1CT, Estação Radio Eddystone, Lisbon, Portugal, 1934

Note: CT1CT was an “amateur broadcaster,” active from Portugal for a brief time in shortwave’s early days. It is believed to have been the country’s first shortwave broadcaster.

Radio Algeria, Algiers, Algeria, 1941
EAJ43, Radio Club Tenerife, Canary Islands, 1937
OPM, Leopoldville, Belgian Congo, 1936
Radio Brazzaville, Brazzaville, French Equatorial Africa, 1941
EIAR, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 1940
ETB, Imperial Ethiopian Radio Station, Addis Ababa, 1935 (utility)
Mauritius Broadcasting Service, Forest Side, Mauritius, 1950
Radio Maroc, Rabat, Morocco, 1931
CR7BH, Grémio dos Radiófilos da Colónia de Moçambique, Lourenço Marques, Mozambique, 1936
Nigerian Broadcasting Service, Lagos, Nigeria, 1954
African Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Johannesburg, 1932

Notes: OPM operated on 10,140 kHz. It was a commercial traffic station, but occasionally carried broadcast programming. – The signer of the letter from Radio Brazzaville, F. (François) Desjardins, together with his brother, Pierre, were the founders of the station. They were officers in the Free French Forces. – The EIAR QSL-card for Ethiopia is similar to the card used for EIAR broadcasts from Italy, but contains the printed “Station of Addis Abeba.” Ethiopia was under Italian rule from 1936 to 1941. – Grémio dos Radiófilos da Colónia de Moçambique was the name of the station that later became Rádio Clube de Moçambique. This QSL is from 1937. – The Box 4559, Johannesburg address on the 1932 letter from the African Broadcasting Co., Ltd. was used by Radio RSA until around 1991.

Asia & The Middle East
Radio Levant, Beyrouth, Lebanon, 1945
Radio Mecca, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1957
Syrian PTT, Damascus, Syria, 1948
MTCY, Voice of Manchukuo, Hsinking Central Broadcasting Station, Hsinking, Manchuria
Radio Sarawak, Kuching, Sarawak, 1960
HS8PJ, Experimental Radio Broadcasting Station, Bangkok, Thailand, 1936
Radio Casting Office, Khabarovsk, USSR, 1931

VK6ME, Perth Australia
PLV, Malabar Station, Bandoeng (Java), Indonesia, 1934 (utility)
Radio Indonesia, Makassar (Celebes), Indonesia, 1949
YCN3, Pontianak (Borneo), Indonesia, 1949


During the 1920s and 1930s, Dave kept an eye on the receiver scene. Here is some of the material he collected from manufacturers.

Note: Early receivers were often sold less tubes, batteries or power packs, and loudspeakers.

Atwater Kent (Philadelphia, PA)

  • Brochure I: Model 9, Model 10, Model 20
  • Brochure II: Model 9, Model 10, Model 12, Model 19, Model 20, Deluxe Model, 1923-1926, $65-120

For more information: Ralph Williams & John P. Wolkonowicz, A. Atwater Kent–The Man, the Manufacturer and His Radios (Chandler, AZ: Sonoran Publ. Co., 2002); and Atwater Kent Radio

Hammarlund (New York, NY)
Super Pro, “ASP” Series, appears to be a military version of the SP-200, 1939-1945, $450-500.

For more information: Western Historic Radio Museum

Hawk (Hutchins & Sillick, Toronto, ON; later Mercury Radio Co., Toronto)
Short Wave Hawk Kit, 2-, 3- and 4-tube models, circa 1932, $29.75-$59.65

Note: Illustration in the brochure is of the kit’s tuner component only.

Mercury (H. M. Kipp Co., Ltd., Toronto, ON; later, Hutchins & Sillick, Toronto; still later, Mercury Radio Co., Toronto)

Super Ten, 1925-30, $195

Miracle Around-the-World All-Wave Radio, c. 1932 (includes testimonial letter from Dave Thomas)

Mercury Around-the-World All-Wave Radio, c. 1933-35 (cites world-record reception by an unnamed owner in Ohio)

Mercury Deluxe Series Radio, c. 1933-35, $107-$245

Mercury Deluxe All-Wave Radio, c. 1933-35, $232.50-262.50


National (Malden, MA)
NC5 5-tube Shortwave Converter, 1932, $75-$85

Norden-Hauck (Philadelphia, PA)
Admiralty Super 10, 1929, $350-450

Sargent (Oakland, CA)