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 Art Collins, 9CXX
Bill Smith, W5USM, of Texas, has sent along an interesting piece of radio history -- two QSLs from Art Collins, the founder of Collins Radio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As a young man, Collins got his ham license, 9CXX, in December 1923.
This QSL (left) is totally handmade; Collins drew them one-by-one on penny postcards. Bill is told that Collins did not make many of these, and so this one is somewhat unique.

In April 1924, it is believed, Art took pains to make the drawing for the card shown (left). It was transferred to a printer's block, and is therefore a printed QSL. The drawing is an actual depiction of his homemade equipment, which still exists in a private collection.

This card belongs to J. B. Jenkins, W5EU, who worked for Collins for over 40 years.