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Adventist World Radio has broadcast worldwide on shortwave for many years, and AWR Coordinator for International Affairs, Dr. Adrian M. Peterson, is a well-known radio historian. This is the most recent AWR QSL-card, designed by Dr. Peterson and depicting an early EKKO stamp from WEMC, located at the Seventh-day Adventist college (now known as Andrews University) in Berrien Springs, Michigan; and two other verification stamps that AWR has used in the past, in 1977 (Ekala, Sri Lanka) and 1996 (KSDA, Guam). This QSL-card is available for current reception reports addressed to the AWR offices in London, England (39 Brendon St., London W1H 5HD, England), Forli, Italy (Casella Postale 383, I-47100 Forli, Italy), and Indianapolis, Indiana (Box 29235, Indianapolis, IN 46229, USA).